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What is Peters Library?

Peters Library is a library service that delivers children books, (ages 6-19) to your doorstep every Friday  for a monthly subscription

What are the available subscription packages and respective charges?

The basic package is the A Book A week which is 999 shillings per month. The other packages are 2 Books -1699, 3 Books - 1999, 4 Books - 2399. These are books per week and the charges are monthly. There is a 1000/- REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT upon sign up.

How does the library work?

Each subscriber upon registration is given a username and password to the borrowing system available at The patrons then login and with their children select books by adding books to the reading queues shown in this tutorial Peters Library - How to Borrow - YouTube. The books will be delivered to your doorstep in that order. There is no limit to the books you can place in the queue. All borrowings must be done by Wednesday for delivery on Friday.

How do you manage deliveries during COVID-19?

The books are sanitised immediately upon return before storage. Upon dispatch, they are packed with gloves and put in bags thus the rider never touches the books. We maintain the highest of standards to ensure the safety of our clients.

You have advertised the rate as 999 why was I charged an extra 1000?

The extra 1000 is a one time refundable deposit to cover the costs in case of lost or damaged books. This is a standard practice with all libraries worldwide.

What happens if I lose or tear a book?

 If a book is lot or damaged you may replace it yourself or charge it to your deposit. In the latter case you will be required to top up your deposit to continue operating the account.

What happens if I don't borrow by Wednesday?

We will assume you are not done with the book and skip delivery for that week. The borrowing will be counted as one book for two weeks and not affect your renewal date.

How do I as a parent ensure the children do not borrow inappropriate books?

When a patron/child borrows an email confirming titles queued. At this point the parent may intervene and remove the books they deem inappropriate.


What is the Library Journal?

To encourage interactively and ensure the children read the books we offer an online  Library journal where the children record a summary. They may present this summary to the parents every week.

Does my membership expire?

Your membership never expires, and you may take a break on between months. If you wish to close your account contact our customer service, and we will guide you as we refund your deposit.